Technology Is Noisy


Ever feel overwhelmed?


I woke up this morning with a lot of noise in my head. Was the noise different than any other morning? No, of course not. 


But today, my experience was totally different. Why? Because this time I was fully aware of it.




I noticed how the incessant chatter took over everything. It wouldn’t stop. As I tried to quiet my mind, the noise kept finding another way in. 


I also noticed that in order to minimize the noise I would try to create a distraction.

Of course, this was all mostly unconscious…until today. I needed to refresh myself


A New Morning


This morning I recognized all of my patterns that prevent me from being fully present. I saw that upon awakening, I would open my email. Next would be social media. And then finally the news. 


That didn’t even include my long ‘to do’ list that was running through my head, organizing and sorting things down to each and every detail. Noise, noise, noise! 

The trouble is I’ve built up so much of my worthiness from always ‘doing’. 


I also noticed that I hadn’t even spent a single moment being grateful for the gift of a new day. I wasn’t consciously paying attention to my breath or my surroundings. And I wasn’t at all in the NOW. 


So what have I learned from this experience? It’s time to reclaim quiet. 


First, let’s be realistic, the noise in our world isn’t going to stop on its own. It will only get more intense. It’s up to us to take charge, to say ‘no’ and to practice being present.


Tacking Back Control


I’ve made a commitment to myself to not open technology of any kind for at least 30 minutes after awakening. 


I’ve also committed to myself that when my ‘to do’ starts nagging at my mind, that I will acknowledge it and then gently let it go. The first 30 minutes of my morning are for me, my beautiful spirit and for simply BEing.


Now let me ask you…


What do you notice about the noise in your life? What practices have you instilled that have helped you to be more present? What do you do to reclaim your quiet time? 


Would love your feedback as we co-create this space.

Jennifer Payeur

Holistic Healer and Medicinal Aromatherapist

Ancient Plant Wisdom