Jennifer Payeur

A New Life Calling

A funny thing happened on the way to my life…I went from being a long-term bank executive to being a holistic healer and medicinal aromatherapist using essential oils.

And how did this happen? I still sometimes wonder how such divine intervention came through like a bolt of lightning to help me make such a deep profound shift. It literally saved my life. And it all started with a book called Hands of Light by Barbara Ann Brennan. This wonderful book literally fell on my head shortly after receiving a dire outlook for my future, due to major accumulated health issues.

Don’t get me wrong…I’ve spent my entire life searching for truth. All you have to do is take one look at my bookshelves, and you can see I am an avid seeker. But in 2008, everything radically changed. You seeI woke up.

“I Could No Longer Hide”

As a banking executive, my focus was all about transformation…transforming departments, businesses, and people. I loved what I did, and I was really good at it. Good because I could see the potential in people and in what the organization could become.

And I went for it, pouring my heart and soul into making the company better than what it was for its board members, the employees, and customers. I did it with heart and compassion, which are at my core. And I did it because I innately believe that we should leave things better than how we found them. I love checking that box.

Which brings me back to the big shift in my life in 2008. It was time to transform ME. It was time for me to learn about self-love, boundaries, deep contact with others and authenticity, to name a few. I could no longer hide.

I signed up at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing in 2009, a 4-year intensive personal transformation and healing school.  Shortly after starting, I was sure that I didn’t belong there. This doubt crept in at least one week each school year, where I questioned my path and longed to go back to being asleep. But I didn’t. I stayed with it and graduated in 2012.

From there I went gangbusters on this newly laid spiritual path…seeker, healer, transformer. I opened my own healing practice and continued my studies. I l completed a year of Family Constellation, became a medicinal aromatherapist, trained as a master gardener, obtained my NAAM yoga teacher training certification, and became an ordained minister from the Center for Sacred Studies. I did all of this while continuing my corporate role in banking.

“My World Collapsed”

I thought I was complete and took a break from learning, but that didn’t last long. In 2015, my world collapsed. I was diagnosed with metastasized breast cancer. I was shocked, angry, confused, and even felt like a fraud. “Healers aren’t supposed to get cancer,” I screamed!

So much shame poured in. How can I possibly support others in their healing transformation if I am a ‘broken’ healer? I realized that I was being pushed to go deeper. I see now that my thinking was flawed. I was the epitome of the wounded healer, and it was time for me to step up and show up. And I did.

Eventually, I left banking. It was a difficult decision for me because I loved my job and I loved the people I worked with…they were like family to me. But Spirit was calling me to shift again, and I listened to the call.

Discovering Plant Wisdom

I began to develop a unique relationship with nature and studied plant wisdom. I’ve been told by many Elders that I am a medium, someone who channels information in various ways from the Spirit world.

One of my gifts that emerged as my life unfolded was my ability to communicate with plants and trees. I listen and channel them. This led me to go deeply into nature and gain a better understanding of what ancient wisdom can teach us. And there is so much to learn!

While my life looks completely different than what it did back in 2008, my guiding light, my purpose hasn’t changed…to bring healing and transformation to myself and others. And I am fortunate to have the support of my beautiful family, loving friends and Mother Nature by my side.

– Jen