When it’s time To Relax…


You’ve just finished a long day, you’ve come home and you’re ready to relax. Here’s 7 essential oils to soothe and relax you in your own mini botanical ritual, to rejuvenate you for another day. 


Jen’s Note: Whenever possible, look for the highest quality, organic, all natural pure essential oils which are pesticide free and synthetic fertilizer free. These healing plant oils may cost more upfront but the quality cannot be beat, and like they say, you get what you pay for, and I simply want you to experience the best. 


1) Lavender


Subtle and adaptable, lavender adapts to fit your mood. Relaxing and soothing, lavender is ideal for focusing mental concentration and getting a clear mind. It helps the body to de-stress, and is even used to help with insomnia. Good if you’re looking for something fresh and floral.


2) Grapefruit


Mmm fresh citrus…maybe there’s just an association with a half grapefruit and coffee in the morning, but this is definitely a pick-me-up. Energizing, refreshing, grapefruit helps to cut stress and clear away mental fog. Has even been known to help with depression and anxiety. 


3) Rose


Rose is some powerful stuff. You only need a small amount to really feel its effects, immediately invigorating the mind and giving an overwhelming sense of well-being. Just try to not feel positive while you’re smelling rose oil. 


4) Ylang Ylang


Depending on your mood or state of being, Ylang Ylang oil can be either calming or invigorating. Maybe something has been stressing you out at work and you’ve had periodic outbursts of anger which are so unlike you. Keep a bottle of this handy and you can instantly calm yourself back down and restore a sense of peace and love for the world.


5) Balsam Copaiba


Gum resin from the balsam tree is steam-distilled, and gives a fresh aroma reminiscent of honey. A light scent that’s bound to uplift your day and lighten a heavy mind. 


6) Tea Tree


Known for fighting dandruff and acne, tea tree oil is one of the most versatile essential oils. Tea tree mixes well with other fragrances, try combining with eucalyptus and lavender for removing anxiety and an all around relaxing feel.


7) Peppermint


Feeling drowsy? Peppermint has spicy and cooling notes that are uplifting and energizing, that help you to stay alert and eliminate feelings of mental fog or fatigue. Good first thing in the morning or later if you need a boost of alertness.


I hope you’ve found these delightful scents useful and insightful, and perhaps I’ve inspired you to cultivate new relationships with the natural world. Plants contain some ancient medicines, and we owe it to ourselves to feel the best we can. Life is hard enough as it is, why not enjoy some soothing healing scents along the way.


Jennifer Payeur

Holistic Healer and Medicinal Aromatherapist

Ancient Plant Wisdom