“Reclaiming Your Health Through Nature”

Jennifer Payeur

We currently live in an environment that is being polluted at an alarming rate. It’s in our air, our water, our soil, and our food, but we also have information and technology pollution – fake news, incessant information, 5G, EMFs, etc.

We are literally being bombarded with stuff, and this takes us out of our body’s inherent balance. Our only true compass is the one within, that deep knowing that is frequently stirring to be noticed or acknowledged but is so often ignored or dismissed.

When we look to nature, we can begin to connect to this inner compass. Why? Because we are connected. For example, when we take a breath inward, a tree exhales. When we exhale, a tree breathes inward. It is a circle…a circle of reciprocity, one of nature’s key principles.

At Ancient Plant Wisdom, we believe in the ancient healing power and holistic wisdom of nature. Nature is pure, raw and vibrant in its authentic state.  Nature teaches us so many things about life, a few are:

  • trust ourselves
  • be still and listen
  • live in the present moment
  • breathe deeply
  • play more

Nature and plant wisdom are our allies in coming back to our health, wholeness and natural healing, as it teaches us about homeostasis, a balance in a restful, peaceful relaxing way of being which many of us have lost along our daily path and busy lives. Nature is pure, raw, and vibrant in its authentic state. 

We believe in clean, organic products that are sourced responsibly and support the earth rather than deplete it.  Although we do carry a few products that are not organic, these are clearly labeled and are 100% pure – nothing has been added or modified in any way to change their natural structure.  

We take great care in looking at the entire product chain, from sourcing to shipping, and are committed to keeping all touchpoints eco-friendly and pure. 

Thank you for your support of these wonderful essences!  May you be blessed with abundant joy and divine health. 

Jennifer Payeur

Founder, Ancient Plant Wisdom

Organic Essential Oils